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  • Whats For Dinner

    Whats For Dinner

    There was a white guy a black guy and an aggie, The white guy said "If I have pizza for lunch one more…

  • The Three Foods

    The Three Foods

    There were three kids that needed a place to stay for the night. They saw a house and knocked..... A farmer ansered the…

  • Making cakes

    Making cakes

    A mother and daughter were walking through the park one sunny afternoon. They passed a bench where two teenagers were making out. The…

  • Black man, sex & chocolate biky's

    Black man, sex & chocolate biky's

    This chick goes to a bar and picks up this guy and they get talkin and they end up going back to her…

  • Spanish Delicacy

    Spanish Delicacy

    One day an american guy visits spain.after watching an exciting bull fight,he goes into a restaurant for dinner.while he waits for his meal,…

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