The Bad Effects of Anger

The Bad Effects of Anger

Have you been angry? Good for you if you have not experienced such state. Anger is unpredictable, it could blow out its ferocity little at a time or just ones with a big blow.
Anger is common among people who live through less ideal home life. Dealing with it that has develop over a lifetime of pain and frustration is like trying to hold the lid of pressure cooker. The longer such enduring anger linger,the more the chance that it will overflow into other relationships, that may result to conflicts, rejection or hostility.
Person who is experiencing it may express their anger by hitting or yelling, or by rebelling or refusing to speak. What can we do to help people experiencing it? Let us help them realize that talking the anger is much better than doing it. They really need someone to talk to, who will listen them for them to pour out their feelings, they need counselor for it.
This is what I learned from my own experience on harboring anger. Not just that, anger could cause insomnia, heartaches, hyperacidity , hormonal imbalance and other physical ailments due to emotional stress. I have taken some prescription drugs for the physical ailments I have experienced but there was no complete healing on it. Forgiveness in my heart has been the best drug to it.


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    The Bad Effects Of Anger

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