Rajamouli Eega Movie Release Date

Rajamouli Eega Movie Release Date

Eega Movie Release Date: Director SS Rajamouli upcoming movie “Eega” release date has been planned for March 31, 2012. while Eega audio songs release function will be in February it seems. According to the production hands, it’s been reported that the makers are planning to have Eega release date as March 31, 2012. currently the post production wroks of the film are progressing at brisk pace. Eega is a bilingual movie being made in Telugu and Tamil and Samantha, Nani and Sudeep playing lead roles in the movie. Keeravani scoring the music for the film.


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    Rajamouli Eega Movie Release Date

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  • i love eega and nani

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    Rajamouli Eega Movie Release Date

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