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  • Honey Fried Chicken

    Honey Fried Chicken

    Honey-drenched chicken dipped in seasoned flour fries up crisp, golden and delicious. honey glaze and garnished with toasted sesame seeds.

  • Banana Bread

    Banana Bread

    Banana bread first became a standard feature of American cookbooks with the popularization of baking soda and baking powder in the 1930s, appeared in Pillsbury's 1933 Balanced Recipes cookbook,[2] and…

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Chicken Tikka Masala

    Chicken tikka masala is chicken tikka, chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt, that is then baked in a tandoor oven, served in a masala ("mixture of spices") sauce.…

  • Chickoo Halwa

    Chickoo Halwa

    Chickoo halwa is a chickoo flavored mouth watering sweet dish prepared from grated chiku fruit slices cooked with sugar, mava and spices like cardamom. A delicious dessert dish which can…

  • Mughlai Chicken

    Mughlai Chicken

    This is a dish for special occasions - not for any other reason except that it is rich! Its mild, thick, creamy gravy is inspired by the food of Central…

  • Puranpoli


    Puran poli is a classical Marathi dish, which is a dessert served during auspicious occasions and during important festivals such as Holi, Padwa in Maharashtra. Although it resembles like a…

  • Mohan Thal

    Mohan Thal

    Mohanthal is a sweet fudge made from roasted gram flour and ghee made more often during Diwali. Diwali cannot start or end without this sinful mithai. This is another one…



    Aaloo Ka Bharta or seasoned, mashed potato Indian-style has its home in the state of Bihar in North India. Serve it with hot chapatis (Indian flatbread) topped with ghee.

  • Paneer bhurji

    Paneer bhurji

    Paneer bhurji is a punjabi vegetable recipe with paneer or cottage cheese crumbled and then cooked with a choice of onions, tomatoes and select masalas. Serve hot with rotis, naans…

  • Chaat Salad

    Chaat Salad

    A spicy chaat salad recipe which is sure to tingle your taste buds. A combination of sprouts, greens and potatoes tossed together with a tangy chaat masala, the chaat salad…

  • Rolled Sugar Cookies

    Rolled Sugar Cookies

    Whenever you make these cookies for someone, be sure to bring along several copies of the recipe! You will be asked for it, I promise!I make icing with confectioners' sugar…

  • Pakore Ki Karhi

    Pakore Ki Karhi

    Bring an authentic punjabi touch to your table by serving this mouthwatering traditional punjabi pakoda kadi recipe. The gram flour based pakodas are deep fried and then simmered in a…



    Missi Rotis get their unique flavour from besan, the dough is almost always made with a combination of flours and the addition of soya flour does not harm the original…

  • Potato in Bombay Duck

    Potato in Bombay Duck

    The Bombay duck or bummalo (Harpadon nehereus, Bengali: bamaloh or loita, Gujarati: bumla, Marathi: bombil) is, despite its name, not a duck but a lizardfish.

  • Shrimp Deviled Eggs

    Shrimp Deviled Eggs

    Deviled eggs are stuffed with a creamy shrimp and green onion filling for a fresh appetizer or snack.Deviled Eggs. Shrimp and bacon elevate these deviled eggs from familiar to fantastic.…

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  • Banana Buns

    Banana Buns

    Sweet Banana Pooris or Banana Buns as they are known is a recipe from Mangalore in Karnataka. These sweet banana pooris can be had as a breakfast or even as a…

  • Easter Lamb Cake II

    Easter Lamb Cake II

    This white cake is baked in a lamb mold for Easter and can be decorated to look like a little lamb. If desired, spices can be added just before adding the…

  • Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Marsala Sauce

    Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Marsala Sauce

    Pork tenderloin coated in Dijon mustard, and served with a Marsala mustard sauce. Absolutely delicious! Try the sauce over other cuts of meat and vegetables

  • Buttermilk Pancakes

    Buttermilk Pancakes

    Buttermilk Pancakes have a light and spongy texture and their flavor only hints of the richness and tanginess that buttermilk offers. You begin these pancakes as you would any regular pancake…

  • Wheat Germ Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

    Wheat Germ Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

    whole-wheat pastry flour for a healthy, wholesome breakfast treat. If you use a Teflon griddle you do not have to use oil." I added a little Splenda because they are kind…

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