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  • City of Good and bad

    Dharmapuri - City of Good and bad

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    The masses never get disappointed with Vijayakanth€™s formula films even though they offer nothing new. For, it gives them what they want. Dharmapuri also does. It's a patented Vijayakanth film. A do-gooder, he sets things right single-handedly in his native village which suffers humiliation at…

  • The right letter

    E - The right letter

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    Jananthan came up with a stunner in Iyarkai. The movie wins him a lot of accolades. Trying to strike a balance between the two, the director has come up with E which dwells on a serious subject, even while infusing with enough commercial elements to…

  • Triple whammy

    God Father - Triple whammy

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    Ajit has been off the radars for some time now. And perhaps to compensate it all, he hogs all the limelight in triple variations in Varalaru. Varalaru is all Ajit. He manfully tries to lift the movie on his shoulders. To a certain extent, his…

  •  Forbidden love

    Vallavan - Forbidden love

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    Hats off to Silambarasan for continuing the good run of his Manmadhan in Vallavan. A triangular love-story with twists and turns has been brought out well by the actor-director. Vallavan has excellent cinematography combined with racy background score making it for engrossing viewing.Silambarasan occupies…

  •  Of pen and power plays

    Thalaimagan - Of pen and power plays

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    Pen is mightier than sword. It's sure. But some times against venal and violent forces, you need elements more potent than pen as combat weapon. For, pen represents the might of truth. It can be used as a battering ram, for pulverizing opponents you need…

  • Local & global

    Vattaram - Local & global

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    Saran, a product of KB school of cinema, has come a long way since then. After coming out, Saran has tasted commercial success with masala entertainers. He knows the value of both the styles. He understands the intricacies of the both. He knows how to…

  • Cute and quiet

    Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai - Cute and quiet

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    April Madhathil and Mercury Pookal showed that Srikanth and Stanley enjoy a valuable vibes. That is very important as a movie depends a lot on the lead team€™s chemistry.It is this seemingly innate understanding that sees Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai through.As the title suggests,…

  • Formula fix

    Vathiyar - Formula fix

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    There is a popular saying in America: €˜Don€™t fix it until it isn€™t broken€™. Arjun seem to set much store by it. He has seen his films work on a certain kind of formula. Now, why should he change it and that too just for…

  • Twin tales

    Irandu - Twin tales

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    Director Sundar C sure knows to work on a formula. He has been doing this for the last decade or so. In Rendu too, he has done just that. He has taken a patented MGR formula story and laced it with his typical humor. And…

  • Red is the message

    Sivapathigaram - Red is the message

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    Sivapathikaram, in itself, symbolizes anger and ire. So it is little surprise that this film is of an angry young man, who launches a crusade against the current political system, which he feels is rotten and disgusting.Vishal with his intense, brooding looks makes the…

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