Ambhi Movie Reviews


Ambhi Review

In his second directorial venture the director Nagendraprasad is different in narration but the subject is ages old. But it is told in convincing style with some good photography and a few lilting tunes lift up rather the sagging image of the film.

Ambi with long hair and good height is a deal master for Annaji (Kishore). Any deal you give him he does it using his brain power. The killing of minister, underworld dons and others bring good name to Ambi. He does any job that comes even if it is accidentally. One such is from Manya. He uses his influence and gets her a job in Om Channel as television journalist. He gets the call frequently from her and he has fallen to this sweet voice. He asks her to call him every day and the lady love does it even on the day she is observing 'Mouna Vratha'.

What is mysterious is both Ambi and Manya have not met each other and when they decide to meet one day. That day Ambi gets a call from his master to kill an approver who is coming to court. Ambi was supposed to meet Manya in front of the court where he is now supposed to gun down an approver. He does the killing but escape from the scene. When the chelas of Ambi kidnap Manya in one of the dangerous attacks he is not able to identify her.

From his own den Manya makes a telephone but still both of them does not meet eye to eye. Finally when Manya's mobile lands in the custody of Ambi he hits at his fate. When he meets Manya he is startled to know that she is looking for Ambi the dreaded killer to take revenge. When love blossom Ambi decides to give up his underworld activities.

In the court hall on the surrender day when he is produced he narrates his tale of tragedy in life. Including the judge every one become emotional. He is sentenced for seven years of imprisonment. The lady love Manya agrees to wait for him.

Audhitya with very good physique and looks has given his best. Shobaraj as cop in a positive role for the first time is a surprise of the film. He looks good and there are chances of occupying the hero position for this senior villain of Kannada cinema. Kishore is a waste. Manya deserved to be better. Rest of the supporting cast come and go. Bullet Prakash comedy is not good taste.

The scenes glitter in the camera techniques of J.G.Krishna. Director has tuned two lovely tunes for his film.

This is a passable film.