Samara Simha Naika Movie Reviews


Samara Simha Naika Review

With nearly 100 films to his credit actor Abijeeth in his home production try to get the image of action hero. He is partly successful while the film is good in bits and pieces. Why Abijeeth with so much of experience has kept so many rape scenes in the film is disturbing.

Doing rape is the only way of cruelty expression? Kashi Naika and his sister grow up in the house of Jamindaar in the village. Both are indebted to the extreme to the jamindaar. But Jamindaar sees the good quality and behavior in this servant Kashi instead of finding it in his two sons.

They are rogues always trying to arrest the modesty of young girls in the village. One fine day when Jamindaar's young daughter faces the cruelty of rape from an adjacent youth who is waiting to revenge because Jamindaar's sons raped his sister. Kashi saves the modesty of his master's daughter. At the Jamindaar's house his sister is brutally raped by the Jamindaar sons.

Unable to show her face the sister of Kashi kills herself. Kashi goes on a killing spree and surrender to the police. Even after his comeback his fiancé is waiting for him. This is not good in photography. The long songs are covered by fog. Two songs are good from Kripakar. Abijeeth has worked hard. Rashmi Kulkarni is horrible in close ups. Srinath and Gurudutt have lent good support. Nothing much to boast from this film!