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Prasad Movie Reviews

Prasad Review


This is the story centered on the physically challenged child care. ‘Prasad’ is a pack of emotions that touches the hearts. The middle class family life of Shanker (Arjun) and Malathi (Madhuri Bhattacharaya) gets another entry with already two daughters in the house. That is ‘Prasad’. Shanker does prayers to get this child. He is in for a shock when he knows the child is dumb and deaf. He curses the same god he prayed. As the child grows in the house Shanker is in two minds whether to keep the child or not. Malathi the caring mother is not as disenchanted as Shanker towards the child Prasad.

Malathi gives all good support to the child and Prasad evince interest in swimming. He becomes the state champion at the age of seven. Malathi further study for the sake of the child and becomes a teacher in the school of hearing impaired. On the other hand fortune of Shanker changes enormously when his Prasad ask him to start his own garage.

The regular habit of Shanker to buy a lottery ticket even attracts his son. One of the lottery ticket Prasad compels his father to buy for him. It is time for operation to Prasad and Shanker is arranging Rs.10 lakhs for it. Prasad helping out a blind to cross the road on his return meets with an accident. The portion further is bloodcurdling.

Prasad recovers from a major bottleneck and the lottery ticket he had bought earns a bumper of Rs.10 crores. From this amount Shanker starts ‘Prasad Foundation’ and submits a project to Governor Dhin Dayal Sharma at a function to further help the physically challenged children of this country.


A great effort indeed. The film like ‘Nandi’ of Dr Rajakumar made 50 years ago by N Lakshminarayan, ‘Mouna Raga’ of Ambarish by director Ambarish and even Hindi film ‘Koshish’ starring Sajeev Kumar had similar themes. AKK entertainment is not aware of these films it seems.

These types of films are rarely seen on Indian screen. The AKK entertainment keeping aside the entertainment elements with top action hero of South India Arjun has given a convincing film.

Director Manoj Sathi could have made further crisp by deleting 20 minutes of the film. The various shades of human mind are delectably presented and for this Arjun given a stunning performance to support the cause of this film.

It is not just one or two occasions the film touches your heart. There are at least half a dozen scenes. When father Shanker gets a dream that think of finishing the child, when cute Prasad is about to jump to swimming pool, he is not able hear whistle sound because he cannot hear, Prasad ask his father to start his garage instead of going someone else to work, Shanker and Jagadishanna (Ramakrishna) conversation in a bar, husband Shanker preparing coffee to wife Malathi when she is studying on hearing impaired examination, Shanker before that asking his wife to stop praying in front of photographs of God and Goddesses plus there are funny moments of father and son.

This is the film that required a powerful performer in mother role. Madhuri Bhattacharya is unfit. The dubbing artist for her Sudharani is a class actress who could deliver lovely results in this kind of role would have been a right choice. Even actress Shruthi could have elevated the performances. For Arjun’s career best performance the opponent is not a right match for his strength.

The humble appeal Arjun makes in the last scene of the film is very good and well deserved to the present scenario of this country. The emphasis that children with everything ok family not think about challenged children is effectively fed to the ears by Arjun.

How come this kind of brilliantly portrayed film missed the awards committee at the 59th National award? At least for Arjun best supporting actor award was well deserved.

The director of this film Manjo Sathi is not aware of one of the greatest writers from Kannada literary field A.N.Murthy Rao observations in the book ‘Devaru’. For the five years of happiness we get from children the parents have to give them life for remaining 20 years without expecting anything is what the 100 plus years lived writer from Karnataka legendary Murthy Rao told. It is true that even the smell of the baby after birth is a best perfume of this world is the quotation before us.


It is a delectable performance from Arjun. Even at state level he should get an award for his performance in ‘Prasad’. Look at this actor with top action image in Tamil cinema taking on a reverse swing in his career to do an emotional packed role. It needs guts and Arjun has rightly understood the significance of this role. He has put in all the thoughts that generally come to a father with such a challenged child. The brilliance is in dubbing of his voice. He is stunning at places and very submissive at certain other places. It is first Arjun film indeed.

Next is the sweet little child Master Sankalp. His sweet looks are enough. He need not have to do anything. Madhuri Bhattacharya is not fit for this kind of role. She even does not possess the acting skill in emotional situations. To elevate the strength of this film ‘Prasad’ an experienced actor like Arjun was needed in female protagonist.

Ramakrishna is fabulous in the role of Jagadishanna. Ninasma Ashwath and Kshama have given admirable support.


The ustaad of film music Ilayaraja background score is the second hero of the film. The correct approach to the situations enhances the quality on the technical side. The title song and happy jaunt song are very sweet to hear.

There is absolutely no fault in cinematography of Sanjay Malkar. The Shiamak Davar institute help to the physically challenged children dance is another beauty of this film.