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Remo Review

Remo is all about how an aspiring actor who disguises himself as a lady nurse woos the doctor he falls in love with. Revealing anything more could spoil the watching fun. So, we will stay away from the story part and analyze more on what worked and what didn’t.

Yes, the core storyline could dig our memories of some of the popular films of the past but where Remo scores is in its presentation. Though it does not carry any fresh attributes, as you might have seen most of the scenes in some of the other films before, it still engages you and the main reason for that would be Sivakarthikeyan.

Once again, Sivakarthikeyan has been judicious in choosing roles. He looks super-cute and attractive in the nurse makeover. Probably one of the best make-up work of the year and the credits for that should go to Weta workshop team. Not just the make-up, Siva’s mannerisms as a nurse are also top-notch. He has proved enough as an entertainer and now he has sprinkled some of his acting skills in Remo. He has done well in both the avatars. His romantic side needs a little more brushing work as it looks a little filmy.

It looks like director Bakkiyaraj Kannan has analyzed the basic traits that a successful romantic comedy film needs first and then sat and wrote this script keeping Sivakarthikeyan in mind. He has reworked the template of rom-com films but with a new-age canvas. You will find some standard over beaten heroic moments but as long as they don't annoy you, it's fine.

The villain role irks us, someone who follows the usual grammar of Tamil cinema's egotistical antagonist. This role is totally out of place and could have been treated differently.

Keerthy Suresh gets to wear a role that is in complete contrast to what she did in Rajini Murugan. Anger, love or sentiment, she turns up trumps! But her character could have been written smarter.

Remo is vibrant in every department of moviemaking; PC Sreeram’s expertise comes in handy; he, as usual, has let his camera do the talking and has worked wonders even in cramped streets. You don't see general audiences putting their hands together for the visuals unless you have PC Sreeram's presence in it. He has proved once again why he is the master .

Surprisingly, the song sequences aren't mere speed breakers. There is no particular favourite number from this Anirudh's album but it has something for everyone. All the songs are captured beautifully and you can expect a couple of more songs from the film to become a trending hit because of the visuals. Editor Ruben deserves a mention here for his cuts.

Remo will certainly appeal to its target audience, and Sivakarthikeyan is charming enough to carry the whole film on his shoulders. It's a cute romantic comedy which is enjoyable and vibrant.

A wafer thin story is the biggest negative in Remo. Performances, technicalities, and promotions have managed to camouflage this weak link in the movie effectively. But if only more care was taken in the story and screenplay department, the film would have emerged as a better product.