About mymazaa.com

mymazaa.com began its journey as an Online MusicPortal during the internet boom in 2004. 10 years hence, it is a complete Digital Entertainment website and Marketing entity, with leadership positions in all these spheres in India. Today, mymazaa.com Mobile is the leader in the Mobile Entertainment and Value Added Services (VAS) in the country.

mymazaa.com is also the largest aggregator, developer, publisher and distributor of Bollywood & South Asian entertainment content in the world, having worldwide exclusive rights to over half a million music and video titles.

Headquartered in Chennai, mymazaa.com Media employs a great team of employees. Originally launched as an online Audio website 2004, mymazaa.com is one of today India's largest on-demand Digital Entertainment storefront, serving audio, video and imagery to INDIANS across the world. At mymazaa.com, consumers can preview entertainment sources across all genres, accessible on both the PC and Mobile phones, one can enjoy entertainment on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.