Alias Ani, Ankitha
Age 33 years
Height 5'8"
Occupation Actor
Language Worked in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada
Birth Place Breach Candy, Mumbai
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
City Hyderabad

Ankitha is an Indian actress, who has worked in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film industries
Ankita born as Ankita Jhaveri in Mumbai is an outstanding Tollywood actress and a former child model, who became famous with her legendary 'I love you Rasna' dialogue that boomed on millions of television sets across the nation.
Ankita's father is a Gujarati businessman dealing in diamonds while her mother hails from Punjab. Ankita has a sister who is working in US presently. Cute li'l Ankita hit the arc lights with Rasna - a soft drink. The television commercial of Rasna became one of the biggest hits with the children in India and soon Ankita came to be known as Rasna girl.

Ankitha is a former child actor in the prestigious advertising campaign for juice drink product Rasna in the 1980s in India on national TV and was known as the "Rasna baby" as a child actor.[3] Her breakthrough in films came through Simhadri starring NTR Jr, The film was the highest grossing action comedy at the box office in 2003

In 2005, she appeared in back-to-back Tamil films directed by Sundar C, featuring alongside Prashanth in London and then in Thaka Thimi Tha with newcomer Yuvakrishna.