Dumb Moari

There was once an English man, an Irish man and a Moari man and they were flyng from New Zealand to the North Pole by airplane. As they were just flyng over Australia the pilot announced that there was to much weight on board and told the people that they had to drop one object of theirs out of the airplane or they wouldn't be able to get to their destination.

So the English man drooped a TV, the Irish man dropped a computer the and the Moari man dropped a bomb. About 30 minutes later back in Australia a priest was walking down the road and the he saw a little girl cryng. So he went up to her and said to her "What is wrong my girl?" The girl said "a TV fell out of the sky and killed my father." The priest looked at her then saw a little boy cryng so he went up to him and said "what is wrong??" The boy replied "a computer fell out of the air and put my dog in the hopital." Then the priest saw a boy running down the road laughing so priest went up to him and said "What is so funny?" The boy replied "my mum farted and then the house blow up!!!"