Flu related disease on rise due to dry spell

Flu related disease on rise due to dry spell

Flu related diseases including cough and soar throat, pneumonia and diarrhea are spreading everywhere due to ongoing long dry spell persists.

Flu related diseases have caught a large number of people particularly children as patients with such complications were seen in high number at the government as well as private hospitals.

Dr Syed Hasnain Ali Johar talking to APP said that the patients with flu related diseases including cough, flu and throat problem, pneumonia, diarrhea are visiting the hospital every day.

He said that parents should put warm clothes to their children to keep them warm, "I also advised the parents not to over heat the children and just put sweater and warm cloths as some times over heating the children is also not good."

Dr Syed Hasnain Ali Johar said a small bowl filled with water should be put in front of gas heater otherwise it will be detrimental for health.

He also advised the people not to come out from the heated room.

Dr Muneeb Ahmed, a physician running his clinic has said that most of the patients came here from the slum areas as the people complained that they could not keep their children warm because of gas load shedding.

Kalsoom Babi, a mother said that her children have been affected by flu. Another person, Wajid Ali said all his family member have developed throat infection and influenza because of dry spell.