Get rid of back pain with these tips

Get rid of back pain with these tips

New Delhi: Back pain and spinal problem are the two most common health issues that people come across at workplace. Most of the professionals suffer from these two conditions due to inactivity and poor posture. It is difficult to live with these problems but at the same time, it is easy to deal with them by taking precautions. Here are some tips that can help you in dealing with severe back aches.

Choose a comfortable chair
To avoid spinal problem and back pain, it is essential to sit on the right chair. Choose a chair that suits you and provides comfort. Avoid sitting on soft sofas, bean bags and stiff backed chairs.

Ensure proper back support
One should always choose such a chair which has proper back support with hips all the way behind and legs supported on the floor. This helps in equal distribution of chair throughout the spine.

Drink enough fluids
It is important to keep yourself hydrated especially in summers. It is essential to nourish our invertebral discs as they largely consist of water. So to keep them healthy, stay hydrated.

Avoid stress on the spine
If you have to pick up anything, it is advisable to bend your knees, get the thing closer to your body and then lift it. Follow this rather than straight away bending your back as it puts immense pressure on the muscles.

Eat properly
Pay attention to whatever you consume. Specialists say that consumption of vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and calcium helps in keeping the spine and bones healthy.