International Yoga Day: Find out how often should you practice yoga a week!

How often should I practice yoga, who should do it, how much is enough per or week to see good results? These are some common questions usually come up from most yoga beginners.

Well the answer is – beginners should try to develop a regular practice in order to ensure that their body adapted to moving in a new way. Everybody needs yoga, including the children, for a healthy body and mind. You need yoga for increased flexibility, stability, an ideal weight, and overall stress-relief.

Some experts even say that at home, you learn to listen to what your body needs while moving at your own pace - which means listening to what you need is more than a physical thing. It can also a great way to maintain and even deepen your practice.

While setting up a home yoga practice is essential, you need to stay motivated to keep doing yoga regularly. And to build a consistent home practice, you need to carve out space and a mat for that.

According to experts, doing yoga three times per week is ideal, but a little yoga every day is much better than a lot of yoga once or twice a week.

So, whether you're at home or at a studio class, try to do a little yoga each day even if it's just for 5 minutes. Find a place where you can be seated in quiet, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and reap the benefits of it on your body and your mind.

The good thing is that you can start practicing yoga at home, at your own convenience and by choosing the poses you want and need to do. Even if you can't make it to yoga classes, there are websites or short videos that you can use for guidance.