High heels injure over 3 million women

High heels injure over 3 million women

More than three million women have received medical attention or been rushed to hospital because of their passion for killer heels.

Researchers say that a fifth of women have gone to such extreme lengths to wear trendy shoes that they have ended up twisting their ankle or tearing a tendon.

And a third have fallen flat on their face as a result of their heels, with many damaging their teeth and breaking their wrists.

The poll of 3,000 women, published on Friday, found other injuries sustained in the name of fashion include broken ankles and twisted knees, reports the Daily Mail.

But six in ten said they would grimace and continue to wear a pair of uncomfortable shoes if they were complimented on their footwear on a night out.

Lisa McCarten, of comfort shoe specialist Hotter Shoes, said: “It’s incredible to imagine the pain and discomfort women endure for a pair of killer heels or an ill-fitting impulse sale bargain.

“Buying shoes can be hard work as women tend to buy shoes that look good with an outfit, and then worry about the pain later.”

The nationwide study of women aged 18-65 also found that 89 percent admitted uncomfortable shoes had ruined an evening.

Only two percent of women said they did not wear high heels.