Road to Bandstand

After the news of Salman playing guru to Shoaib Akhtar, he comes another bit on the Salman-Shoaib front. It has been reported that in the wee hours of Saturday morning Shoaib Akhthar and Salman Khan entered into a bit of an argument concerning their individual fitness levels and physique.

Shoaib Akhtar challenged Salman to a race to prove a point or two. Shoaib instigated Salman by taking off his shirt the Salman way. The two then set off starting from Salman's Galaxy Apartments to the other end at Taj and back.

Guess who won? It was Shoaib who made it ahead of Sallu Bhai by a second or two. Looks like Shoaib knows his way out at Bandra. Let's hope he soon finds the right road to bollywood too.