Sexiest, naughtiest and bitchiest reality show on television

Channel [V]'s highly acclaimed series Get Gorgeous 5 came to a grand finale amidst Mumbai's glitterati in a night of fun and fashion. The hotties of the fifth season dazzled in designer duo Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi's latest line at the Get Gorgeous 5 Finale Party at Poison, Bandra.

Get Gorgeous has been a powerful platform to search and develop fashion modeling talent, generating successful supermodels and beauty pageant winners.

Mohit Anand, Head of Channel [V] said, 'The screen-scorching antics of the contestants along with its pioneering reality format have made this show a popular, if controversial, staple with both the audience as well as the sponsors. We hope we don't cause too much damage to the nail paint industry with all the excitement on Get Gorgeous 5 and the resultant bitten nails.'

The fashion show showcased the girls for one last time before three lucky contestants were taken for a photo shoot to Paris, the fashion capital of the world. The shoot, which is for a premiere haute couture luxury brand, will be an exclusive splash feature in L'Officiel, the definitive international magazine for style, runaway coverage and fashion trends.

In what marked an explosive end to a successful 5th season of Get Gorgeous, 'reel life' is on the brink of becoming 'real life' for at least one propitious girl. She walks away with the crowning glory of being acclaimed India's next supermodel, with a Rs. 1 million contract with Channel [V] and ICE Model Management under her belt.

To catch all the action and watch her win the coveted title of Get Gorgeous 2008, tune in to Channel [V] on 25 July 2008, Friday at 7.30 pm.