Vidya-Abhishek in Pradeep Sarkar's next for Yashraj films

Vidya Balan may have taken critics across award organizations by her performance in Parineeta. She swept awards for her debut at Filmfare and Zee Cine Awards.

Good news for her fans comes as she will soon be working with Pradeep Sarkar and heart throb Abhishek Bachchan on the next Yashraj film. The actress is on the most wanted list of the industry today.

Sarkar was recently approached by the King Of Romance yash Chopra to make a film for his banner where Sarkar wants Balan and Bachchan junior to lead.

Recently Sarkar had worked with Abhishek on a commercial where he seems to have discussed the idea and Abhishek seems to have liked it too. Yash Chopra is also keen on casting Balan for the lead.

Sarkar has not spoken much about this in media as he is still scripting the film and it will be too early to talk about the project. Sarkar denies shelving his adaptation of Bankim Chandra novel Devi Chaudhrani. He is sure to make it sometime in future most probably with Vidya in the lead.