Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa Movie Reviews

Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa Review

Finally comes the release of a film that has been pushed ahead week after week to avoid clashes with other films. The film finally comes out this weekend as a solo release , but maybe the audiences have even forgotten about the existence of such a film. With the delay in release and a dip in the promotional activities of the film, the film releases without much buzz of any sorts.

The film talks about married couples -- Prem [Aashish Chowdhary] and Khushi [Amrita Arora], Santosh [Rajpal Yadav] and Shanti [Neha Dhupia] and Mr. and Mrs. Khurana [Anupam Kher and Rati Agnihotri].Santosh, a bank manager is married to Shanti a small time village girl. Somehow Santosh and Shanti share a troubled marriage life for reasons best known to them. Santosh€™s gestures and interactions are often misinterpreted by Shanti which further steepens the tension.

On the other hand Santosh€™s boss too is faced with a similar problem as his marriage with the rich and pampered Khushi is on the rocks. Khushi lives in a world of her own and is highly dramatic and finds it hard to face the realities of life. The Khuranas come in and out to console Shanti and Santosh.

The film revolves around the complexities of marriage and the interaction of various couples and how they come to a consensus at the end.

The film marks the debut of director S.Chandrakant who tries to make his mark with a comedy exploring the diversity in ones married life. The sad part is that he fails in making the audiences laugh.

The film drags at various instances wondering where the film is headed. The film does have moments of good comedy but a very poor script kills it all. The screenplay too is weak with various sequences such as Rajpal Yadav imagining other women to be his wife is just a pure waste of time. Even the patch up scenes are so unrealistic and not at all funny. Specially the Ashish Chowdhary €“Amrita Arora patch up is so fake and boring.

On the acting meter it€™s purely Rajpal Yadav who gets the movie going with his comic timing and expressions. But looks like the producers were expecting a repeat hit performance of €˜Main Meri Patni Aur Woh €˜from Rajpal. Various instances with Neha Dhupia look like a repeat of the earlier hit venture.

Neha Dhupia amazes as Shanti , playing the role of a villager with ease . Her frustration as the wife caught up in a troubled marriage is worth watching. But a poor screenplay kills it. Amrita Arora is highly over dramatic. Ashish Chowdhary is purely wasted and is pretty poor at comedy. Even the emotional sequences are poorly handled by him. Anupam Kher and Rati Agnihotri are also wasted.

Dialogues are at times witty, cinematography ok. Music of the film isn€™t impressive at all except for the title track that might catch on for its witty lines.

At the end of it, the film is worth watching for Rajpal€™s performance but with the poor script might just disappoint even the Rajpal fans. To add to it, the poor promotion and delay in release might just prove costly.