Rehguzar Movie Reviews

Rehguzar Review

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the busiest brand ambassadors in the country on the small screen. He promotes anything from detergent powders to batteries to chocolates. Now he must add in-film promotion of Brand Big B as well. Especially after a B-grade in-the-can-for-a-long-time film €˜Rehguzar€™ tries to milk his stature to sorry effect. In this worth-forgotten love story a restaurant owner in Dubai is a Bachchan fan. He dishes out Big B menu named after all his films while he himself enters into one of many characters portrayed by the big man on a daily basis. Rehne do yaar€¦.

Bachchan chapter over€¦Let€™s introspect why an actor like Jimmy Sheirgil has to do such listless and jaded films. In his last outing €˜Bas Ek Pal€™ he had outshone the more seasoned compatriots like Urmila, Juhi and Sanjay Suri and then one is made to suffer €˜Rehguzar€™ where his work is passable but why on earth he has to sign such films when he can do better quality work.

What kind of novelty value can one find in Rahul€™s (Jimmy) love story with Neha (Saloni)€¦Alright he has landed in Dubai to make it big while she is a rich man€™s girl who gets into a relationship with the charming dude. Rahul€™s walk towards his dreams is a camel ride (Literally), bumpy and uneasy.

The director conveniently believes that linking a story is of no consequence. So, expect a jilted storyline that has been put together in a hackneyed manner. And with little or no publicity, its box office fate is as good as non-existent. Moral of the story is, you can check out the latest Bond flick if you want some excitement in life.

Rehguzar: Forget-it