Rock On Review

Finally the big day has arrived. With four Hindi films at the box office this week , all eyes are on €˜Rock-On€™ for the obvious buzz it has created. The surprising fact is that the most awaited film of the year doesn€™t feature a €˜Khan€™,€™Kapoor€™or €˜Kumar€™ . All that hype with relatively new actors and a director whose previous film €˜Aryan€™ was a wash out.

The synopsis can well defined as the journey of Aditya(Farhan),Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal) , Rob(Luke Kenny) and K.D.(Purab Kohli) who want to see their band €˜MAGIK€™ and it€™s music at the peak. The passionate bunch travel through various stages of life to keep their €˜MAGIK€™ alive and trust me , what a journey it is!

Director Abhishek Kapoor firstly brings in a story that really hooks you in especially when it€™s the journey of the underdogs and when it€™s got a lot to do with music. Abhishek €˜Gattu€™ Kapoor fuses in the right blend of actors to carry each role with a certain amount of conviction. The narrative transitions, the friendship, the emotions, the alleys, the instruments€¦. You are jut drawn into all of it.

The narrative takes off very much like Farhan€™s directorial debut €˜Dil Chahta Hai€™ and when you would like to believe it€™s a repeat of it all, you are taken aback. You are left with the same feeling you had years back when €˜Dil Chahta Hai€™ was around. What surprises you here is that there is no Aamir , Saif or Akshaye.

If €˜DCH€™ was remembered for Farhan€™s directorial skills, this one too is headed a long way for his acting credentials. And of course not to mention, for his share behind the music of the film. Farhan excels right through the film. To say that he was better than the rest will be absolutely unfair in a film that highlights teamwork.

Farhan delivers with ease and with a great amount of conviction. The transition in character from one phase of life to another is not just brought about in his attire but very well with his body language. Farhan€™s unconventional voice works in his favour and the myth that a hero should have a heavy baritone is done away with. The sequence where Farhan breaks out into an argument with his wife (Prachi Desai) and talks about the compromises of life brings forth brilliant dialogue delivery. Farhan often reminds you of Aamir Khan from €˜DCH€™ and is in no respect less competitive.

The next highlight of the film is Joe Mascarenhas/Arjun Rampal. This is no doubt Arjun€™s best film till date and wonder whether you€™ll ever see Arjun in such a splendid role. Arjun carries the lead guitarist, rockstar look with ease. The complexity, the inner turmoil, the passion for music is brought out so well with the moustache embedded Arjun moving around from place to place with the guitar. Arjun delivers his lines really well especially in arguments with his wife(Shahana Goswami) and the scene where he reminds the band of its rules and gets into a spat.

Luke Kenny as Rob is another revelation. Many often wondered whether Luke ever spoke Hindi and here he comes out with a fine convincing performance. Luke often acts as the backbone of the band and binds the characters well enough. His scenes with €˜Anu Malik€™ are funny but realistic enough.

Purab Kohli as the €˜Killer Drummer€™ brings in all that humour and all that true €˜masti€™ associated with any band. He is so full of expressions and entertains you right through. He brings in those smiles even through the emotional sequences.

Shahana Goswami comes in as a revelation of talent. For her debut she does extremely well. The shades in her character from the Joe€™s girlfriend to his wife plagued by problems of running a household are carried out real well.

Prachi Desai does a very decent job as the soft spoken wife of Farhan. She speaks a lot through her smile.

Koel Purie is just apt.

One person who deserves much credit is cinematographer Jason West. His job has been splendid right through. The handheld camera movements make you feel as if you were present right through the performance. The lighting is just another treat. The practice sessions, the well light cobweb filled alleys, the emphasis on the instruments-simply brilliant.

The music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy was a rage much prior to the realease. The film just enhances it even more and don€™t be surprised if you are keep humming tracks like €˜Tum Ho Toh€™( which hasn€™t featured in the promotion of the film ) once you are done with this flick. Great Job by Shankar Ehsaan and Loy! Kudos Javed Saab!

To sum it up Abhishek Kapoor strikes the right cord with the audiences and the character are so well defined and crafted. No character overshadows the other and the €˜Magik€™ is brought alive. Many believe this flick is just for the metros; well it€™s for anyone who has experienced the warmth of friendship, love and got a passion for music.

Rating : ****