Ugly Aur Pagli Movie Reviews

Ugly Aur Pagli Review

A film called My Sassy Girl released in Korea way back in 2001. It's about a loser who meets a drunken girl one evening on his way back home. He takes the girl, who falls unconscious, to a hotel for the night as he does not know where her house is. The story takes off from here as he gets a call from the girl the next day to know what happened the last night. They meet again and again and become good friends. But the relationship is strange as the girl is completely whacked out. And the guy keeps pleasing her anyway she wants him to as he sees some internal grief in her.

Cut to 2008 and we have Ugly aur Pagli being made by a new director Sachin Khot. And this film precisely has the same story. Kabeer (Ranvir Shorey) is an engineering student who has been failing for four years. And one night on way back to home he meets a drunk Kuhu (Mallika Sherawat). And the rest of the story follows as the Korean movie.

So obviously this one is what they called 'inspired'. Which in straight sentences mean 'Not an original story'. So much for all creativity!

That apart for people who has not seen the Korean film and people who do not mind copied stuff, Ugly aur Pagli is an interesting film. It's a love story and yet stands far apart from the regular love stories. To add to it is the interesting narration and screenplay. And the jokes involved are simple and straight. There is no attempt to be double meaning. The dialogues are youthful and fun.

Ugly aur Pagli however falls in the characterization. While Kabeer's character is pretty rounded, Kuhu's character fails to impress. The character builds up too late and there are no reasons provided to why she behaves the way she does. The second half gets better but by then it has lost on attention. Clearly a problem with the script!

The movie looks bright and nice due to the camerawork and colours used. And the movie could have been made crisper by editing out some scene here and there. The music is no great kicks either. It works for the film but nothing you take with you outside the theatre.

On the acting front Mallika shows that she can't do emotional scenes although she may slap and kiss well. There are a couple of scenes when she sheds tears and they almost make you laugh. Ranvir Shorey however continues with his terrific form. He is definitely one actor to look out for. But he should not be made to dance. His face gives away that he is uncomfortable doing that. Dances classes for suggested!

Ugly Aur Pagli may have drawn better marks if it was original. The youth will may like this movie for the 'hatke' storyline. But at the end of the day it really fails to entertain you the way it's supposed to. You won't regret giving this one a pass.

Rating : **