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Lentils prices up by Rs3 to 29 at Utility Stores

Prices of lentils have been increased by Rs3 to Rs29 per kilogram at Utility Stores across the country, Geo News reported Monday.

The raise was made by the administration of Utility Stores, sources said.

Daal Chana witnessed maximum rise of Rs29 per kg to 107 from 78; Daal Moong made expensive by Rs8 per kg to 118 from 110; Red Lobia up by Rs21 to 115 from 94; Daal Masoor by Rs3 to 78 from 75 and; Black Chana's price increased by Rs27 to 102 from 75.

According to the administration of Utility Stores, the above increase had to be made due to the rise in prices in the open market. However, the rates of lentils at Utility Stores have been kept less than those at which they are available in the open market, it said.