Miss you Daddy

Abhay - Neha ready to board 1:40 Ki Last Local

Success of 'Being Cyrus' has proved to be a blessing for young 'n' upcoming directors who believe in coming up with something different that fits in well in the category of New Age Cinema.

Sanjay Khanduri is one such young filmmaker who would be quite hopeful about the prospects of his soon to be released '1:40 Ki Last Local'. A film revolving around two strangers, played by Abhay Deol and Neha Dhupia, '1:40 Ki Last Local' is a comic thriller shot in Mumbai and deals with the last 1:40 AM local train.

A Quartet Film production [which last came up with 'Let's Enjoy'], '1:40 Ki Last Local' is a story that begins and end in the course of one night.