Baahubali Character Enters Sangamithra

C Sundar’s magnum opus Sangamithra is presented by Thenandal Films and is expected to be made at a budget of 250 crore.

For now, pre-production work of this movie is in progress for quiet some time. Given content of the movie, it is expected to take long time as makers have revealed that a movie of this stature would require 70% pre/post production works and 30% shooting.

There is no doubt that Sangamithra has caught the limelight with its unique marketing strategies like opening the first look posters at Cannes festival.

But the makers had the share of hard luck when the leading actress Shruti Hasan opted out of the project citing script issues.

Makers of Sangamithra have strongly condemned Shruti hasan statements and are on the look for her replacement.

The latest news doing rounds is that Hansika Motwani would be the possible replacement and will be officially announced soon.

In the mean while, we have another interesting news coming from the camp where Satyaraj, our own Kattappa will be donning a very important role in Sangamithra.

If this news is true, then Sangamithra will get a definite boost as Kattappa is a known face pan India post Baahubali.

Given the scale of the project, there must be no doubts to release Sangamithra on the scale of Baahubali to turn it as a successful venture.

Well, one can only praise the guts of Sundar’s vision at this point of time and we hope he translates it on screen.