Bigg Boss Julie deserves an Oscar! This actress thinks so..

Juliana's drama in the recent episode of the Tamil version of Bigg Boss reality show has turned out to be the topic which the social media is currently fuming about.

Earlier in the show Juliana suffered extreme pain in her stomach and few housemates came to her rescue. But Gayathri has instigated an altercation by saying that it was a gimmick to get votes.

When Juliana has broken down into tears in her bed, it was Oviya who stood by her side and supported her. But later Juliana gone to the side of Gayathri and accused Oviya of confusing her to spark a verbal war.

This shocked the fans of the TV show, and the social media is already full of memes supporting Oviya and trolling Juliana.

Now actress Aishwarya Rajesh has tweeted that she thinks Juliana deserves an Oscar. Also she has commented her behaviour as worst.