Miss you Daddy

Hrithik talks about his passion on B4U

Valentine brings to mind Red Roses, chocolates, gifts and your eyes mirror the person you cherish in life. B4U Music makes it even more special; they have on board the most handsome and biggest heartthrob of bollywood Hrithik Roshan on their show STARSTOP on this Valentine's day.

B4U STAR STOP is a programme with Film related interviews. Actors/directors talk about their forthcoming movie, their likes, dislikes and other things and chat with B4U VJS. Stars talk about their personal review of the film and share their anecdotes of their experiences during the making of the film.

Hrithik Roshan the actor talks about the passion and inspiration that motivates him to do the films that he commits to. He states his penchant for doing physically demanding and strenuous films and enjoys them.

VJ Salil during the course of the interview brings to fore an important aspect of Hritihik's life; working relationship with his father. Hrithik talks about their views clashing and their professional relationship and the balance they maintain.

His take on Hollywood and James Bond makes for very interesting viewing.

Jodha Akbar his forthcoming film forms an integral part of this interview, he reminisces fondly about the film, costumes, his chemistry with Aishwarya and incidents related to the film.

Tune in for all this and much more on B4U Music on 14th and 15th Feb 2008 on B4U StarStop at 19.10 hrs.


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