Miss you Daddy

Munnabhai's desire bites the dust

His intentions may be honest and without any hidden agendas, but the ghosts of his past are still hunting and haunting him down.

Mumbai's own Munnabhai would not have thought that the slight hint given by him to follow his late father Sunil Dutt and sister Priya Dutt into politics would ignite such a wide spread protest from the public.

At a function organized by a people's representative in memory of his father's third death anniversary, Sanjay Dutt had let out a spark that he held a desire to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The resident associations of the Mumbai North West parliamentary constituency represented by Sanjay's sister Priya Dutt immediately showed their resentment in the Bollywood star being given a chance to be an elected leader stating that a public representative should have a clean history.

The people also held on to their opinion that Priya Dutt is a natural and good leader as she is impartial in making her decisions, understands the problems and is supportive and that Sanjay in no way can substitute her.

So the spark of political ambition let out by the star was blow off before it could be transformed into a fire.

Sanjay is seen as a bad example to follow and the chairperson of the H West Ward Citizens Trust went on to say that Sanjau Dutt becoming an MP is a grave threat that has to be destroyed in this stage itself.

Munnabhai is a character that is loved by the old and young alike and was seen helping the needy and teaching the present generation the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

The B-Town superstar might now really get the hang of the meaning of the two popular terms- real life and reel life and that people may take home the goodness that oozes out of the roles of the screen idols and forget what happened once the screen goes black, but in real life it is not the same.