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One and half crore for a single scene in JUGAAD

Sandeep Kapur wants the audience to experience the same feelings and emotions that he felt when the Muncipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) ceiling took place in Delhi in which he was also one of the victims.

And just guess the money that this man has flown around to do justice to his feelings looking exactly like how he wants them to be seen on screen. A staggering one and a half crore is the amount used for the producer of the forthcoming film 'Jugaad' starring Manoj Bhajpai in the lead role tells a story of a successful CEO of an advertising agency whose office is demolished and how he has to restart his life again with the burden of finding a new place for his agency looming over the future of his company as well fighting the feelings of his employees to move on to other companies.

The efforts of the protagonist played by Manoj Bhajpai to influence the MCD officials with his connections that goes without reaching anywhere and how he tries to make his life again colourful makes up 'Jugaad'.

The reason why the producer is pumping up this big an amount is because Sanddep Kapur does not want even one of the frames in his pet project to lack the perfect feeling and look artificial and also due to the fact that the film is based on his own experience, he do not want to compromise on anything.

One of the other reasons for the cost to go to such an extent is because the whole scenario which prevailed in the actual demolition drive had to be brought alive again to give the scene the look of an actual demolition drive.

So the film's unit used five cameras, three bulldozers, a crowd of more than 500 people, the numerous labourers employed for the purpose, around hundred policemen complete with the horde of media personalities of the channels and their live broadcasting vans.

The scene which was recreated in Noida instead of Delhi utilized the services of five action directors flown in from Mumbai.

The director of the film Anand Kumar gave his own contribution to give the perfect edge to make it as realistic as possible. After finding that the scene being canned can do better if a little more real life action can be included into it and a good crowd standing on the roofs, the film maker asked the labourers to really break the boundary wall of a building.

The director got exactly what he wanted when lots of ladies came out and stood on the roofs and more people came out making the assembled crowd bigger.

The people believed that the municipal office has really come for a demolition drive and they got furious and shouted and created a typical real life situation which consists of reactions and the oppositions when such an incident takes place.

All the required frames direct from life were absorbed using the five cameras and the unit got what they needed the most.

Other cast members of 'Juggad' includes Hrishita Bhatt, Vijay Raz, Sanjay Mishra, Govind Namdeo and Akshat Kumar.

With a real life experience to back up, a dedicated financer and a great performer like Manoj Bhajpai in the lead role, a great movie can be expected soon.


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