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Percept Picture Company has 16 Kids

Don't be amazed. Percept Picture Company became popular with Children's cinema with tow major hits in two years. They have delivered a motion picture Makdee that became very popular with both kids and adults. They ventured into animation films for the first time in India and the attempt was the most unexpected success of the year 2005- Hanuman.

The unprecedented success in Children's cinema has encouraged them to come up with a yet another motion picture once again for children titled 16 Kids. The film is sure to have more than 16 kids playing various characters in the film. It is expected to tap the market for Children's cinema that has gone unnoticed for several years now.

There is nothing known about the story or the star cast of the film. All that is known is that the film will hit cinemas across India in October this year. The film is meant to be an entertainer for both kids and adults. Another major project for Percept is Pirates by Priyadarshan.