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SAAWARIYA advance booking is a surprise

If a highly placed official at one of the biggest multiplex chains across the country is to be believed, SAAWARIYA advance booking has been nothing short of a pleasant surprise.

He says on the condition of anonymity, "Even if OM SHANTI OM opens at 100%, no one would be surprised. Everyone is pretty much prepared to face such a situation due to the Shahrukh Khan factor combined with immense buzz and hype."

"What has surprised me though is the way audience seems to be making queues for SAAWARIYA advance booking", he adds, "Expect for Sanjay Leela Bhansali, on the face value one can't add much to the hype. Ok, so Ranbir and Sonam are there but in the end they are still newcomers. This is why it is refreshing to see that audience are willing to give the film a dekko even as they are all going for OM SHANTI OM."