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Sophie to perform at International Salsa Festival

Sophie Chaudury has acquired a new passion! Before your imagination runs wild we need to clarify'€”no, the actress is not getting into any relationship! She is just pursuing a passion that caught her fancy years ago in London.

Sophie is learning Salsa. And her master is none other than Kaytee, the Salsa guru!

"I was so fascinated by Salsa that I watched every film that had that dance form in it. I watched the film Salsa too over and over again," says Sophie.

Ironically Sophie learnt Bharat Natyam in London and Salsa in Mumbai. "It should be other way round, I know! Guess I was destined to learn it here," she says.

Sophie has done a research on the art form. She adds, "I have observed that Salsa has taken various form in various countries. The Salsa practiced in Los Angeles is different from the one in New York. Puerto Rico is the place from where the dance form originated. And I am learning the art that was practiced originally."

Sophie feels Salsa is sensual and sexy. "If you do a Salsa socially, the dance form comes across to be fun and flirtatious. It is a great exercise too."

Practicing with passion Sophie reached the intermediate level that too in a matter of two months.

Sophie is unable to conceal her excitement as she says, "Kaytee and I are going to perform live on the 5th of April at the International Salsa Festival. What more could I ask for!"


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