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This time around, 'James' is a winner

So what if 'Ram Gopal Verma's 'James' failed to create any magic at the box office, if everything goes on well, Vishesh Films' 'James' should be a winner!

We are talking about popular Bangladeshi singer named James, who has been given a Bollywood break by Mukesh Bhatt and music director Pritam for their film 'Gangster'. He has come up with one smasher of a song titled 'Bheegi Bheegi' that comes with a definite chartbuster tag! A romantic song with a difference, it is sung mainly in high pitch and has a mesmerizing effect on the listener. Mayur has written lyrics for this fantastic song by James, who renders it with amazing style and involvement.

Mark our words - this time around, James is going to be a winner! And watch out for music review of 'Gangster' soon!