Miss you Daddy

Vimal and Santhanam fight over Anjali

Sunder C's Masala Cafe with Vimal, Shiva, Anjali, Oviya and Santhanam is expected to be the laugh riot of the century. It must be remembered that Sunder C's comedy films like Ullathai Allitha and Mettukudi are considered by many to be among the best films in the genre. Masala Cafe is going to be along the lines of these film with Sunder C's trademark stamped on it.

Anjali is Santhanam's Moraiponnu in the film and Vimal falls for her. The clashes between the two are supposed to be the highlight of the film. Santhanam has said that the fans will love the verbal duelling between himself and Vimal and he has some great dialogues in the film.