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The Delhi government has issued a show cause notice to Bandhua Mukti Morcha chairperson Swami Agnivesh for submitting fake bills for utilisation of a grant of Rs 18 lakh, The Pioneer daily reported.

Agnivesh was issued the notice three days back on December 29 by the Revenue Department of Delhi Government.

The notice says, “Further, initial scrutiny of the bills submitted by you reflect many shortcomings. For example, many bills submitted are from outside Delhi from places like Madhya Pradesh.

You are requested to check the bills submitted again and certify that the bills are genuine and correct.” The Pioneer has the copy of such bills submitted by Bandhua Mukti Morcha to the Delhi Government.

The notice is signed by sub-divisional magistrate (Headquarters) III of the Revenue Department, Shyam Sunder, who has directed Agnivesh to refund the balance of Rs 2,23,405 to the Government which could not been utilised.

“And whereas as per the utilisation certificate dated 28.07.2007 signed by M/s Nagar Goyal & Chawla, Chartered Accountants, it has been certified that out of Rs 18 lakh, a sum of Rs 15,76,595 has been utilised for the purpose of which it was sanctioned and the balance funds have been kept in bank for utilisation in the next year but no utilisation certificate in respect of balance amount of Rs 2,23,405 has been furnished by the Bandhua Mukti Morcha till date,” the notice said.

It may be noted that the Ministry of Labour & Employment had released Rs 18 lakh (cheque number 413359 dated September 5, 2005) to Bandhua Mukti Morcha through Delhi Government to conduct a survey of bonded labour in nine districts in the national Capital in 2005.

However, bills submitted by Agnivesh’s NGO show funds have been utilised for fuelling of vehicles in far off districts of Guna in Madhya Pradesh and Baran in Rajasthan.

A senior official of Revenue Department said that Bandhua Mukti Morcha was supposed to conduct a survey on bonded labour in all nine districts in the national Capital but strangely, he had carried out a survey in Delhi but submitted fuel bills related to travel outside Delhi.

For instance, one bill is from Kota-Chhabra road, district Baran, Rajasthan while one bill from AB Road, Guna, Madhya Pradesh.

The Revenue Department also directed Agnivesh to clarify his position within 10 days as to why the copyright of the survey report has been shown reserved in favour of Bandhua Mukti Morcha when the financial assistance was extended by the Delhi Government and whether any approval from the Revenue Department had been obtained for fixing the sale price of the report.

The department has also sought clarification on how the word donation had been used in the letter dated 07.09.2005. Is this a donation from the Government, asks the notice.

Agnivesh was a key member of Team Anna till the ninth day of Hazare’s 12-day fast at Ramlila ground last year, but was later thrown out after it was revealed that he was passing on information to HRD minister Kapil Sibal. Agnivesh denies the charges.


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