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Alex Pandian Movie Reviews

Alex Pandian Review

Alex Pandian had everything going for it, a star pair, peppy music including ‘Bad Boys’ video, a superstar comedian and the best promotions ever seen in Kollywood. However, the film turns out to be a potpourri of commercial mass masala not mixed in the right proportion.

The film's hare-brained plot involves a petty criminal Alex Pandian (Karthi) who abducts the Chief Minister’s daughter (Anushka) for a coterie of bad men consisting of an NRI businessman (Milind Soman) who wants to import some banned antibiotics from US, a rich doctor (Suman), a Godman ( Mahadevan), the Chief Secretary (Pratap Pothen) and City Police Commissioner! How our hero as a one-man-army thwarts the operation is the story.

So Suraaj with his half baked script has packaged the film with a clichéd hero introduction, crude comedy scenes, double entendre, corny dialogues, mass songs, caricature villains in black and white Sumos chasing the hero who takes them single–handedly and finally a contrived climax.

To some extent, Devi Sri Prasad’s music is the saving grace as they are peppy and comes as big relief at regular intervals.

Karthi is clear that he wants to be a mass hero and succeeds in doing so. Anushka is a big letdown as she not only looks bad but sleepwalks in an insipid role. Santhanam is tiring and repeats the comedy scenes and what was Mano Bala doing in the film?

On the whole, an old-fashioned entertainer that plays to the gallery, Alex Pandian is exaggerated and formulaic.