Autograph Movie Reviews

Starring Cheran, Gopika, Sneha
Music Bharathwaj
Director Cheran
Producer Cheran
Year 2004

Autograph Review

It is quite natural for students to get autographs on the last day of their school and college life. But how many of them flip through the autograph book and rewind their memories in the later stages of their life. Autograph, a film, is one such attempt made by director Cheran to rewind the memories of his early childhood and youthful days with spotlight on his romantic escapades. Interestingly with no cinematic touches, Autograph is sure to delight one and all to recall their memories
and enjoy the past.
The movie begins with Cheran, who runs an advertising agency, boarding a train to visit his native village to invite all his friends for his wedding.
The journey to his childhood days begins there. The happenings in the school, his tussle with his friends and his first love with his classmate, played by debutante Mallika, are all pictured realistically. Cheran reaches the village and invites all including Mallika, who promises
to come to the wedding, with her husband and three children.
Then, he goes to Kerala where he had his college education. His major crush at that time was Gopika, a Malayalee girl, with whom he falls in love but later the affair proves to be short- lived as her parents marry her off to her cousin.
On reaching Kerala to invite her, Cheran is shattered to see his lover as a widow. Meanwhile, he is dejected at the failure of his love affair then and he comes across a trusted friend Sneha, who instils confidence, unearths his hidden talents and teaches him the lesson that one has to
go ahead in life without looking back. A poetic narration on the need for a good friend has been stressed.
Towards the end, Cheran gets married to Kanika and all the three girls, who had played a part in his life, and many college friends attend the wedding.
Though the first half is a realistic portrayal, more of dramatic incidents at the end make one feel the movie to be a bit of a drag.
Special appreciation should go to four cinematographers - Ravivarman, Vijay Milton, Dwarakanath and Shanki Mahendra. The music by Bharadwaj adds emotion to the movie.
Actresses Mallika, Gopika and Sneha have given their best. Also in the cast are Krishna, Ganesh Babu, Benjamin and Vel Murugan, who all play as Cheran's friends.