Chitiram Pesuthadi Movie Reviews

Starring Bhavana, Sunil
Music Babu MSC
Director Mishkin
Year 2006

Chitiram Pesuthadi Review

Everyday a new talent seems to emerge in Kollywood. The latest addition to the list of promising directors is Mishkin. His Chithiram Pesuthadi is a feel-good film, which is not only technically slick but also leaves an impression on the audience at the first-look. Mishkin has proved that he has in him the stuff to scale greater heights. With lesser known cast, the debutant director has rendered an engrossing movie.

Be it noted Malayalam actor Sunil making his debut in Tamil as Naren or Bhavana, all the characters are well etched and given the right backing. The storyline is quite simple about how a hardened gangster changes after he falls in love. The directors treatment of the story stands out.

Thiru (Naren) works as a henchman with Annachi (Thandapani). One day, he comes across Charu (Bhavana). They end up quarreling. Over a period of time, he develops a soft corner for her. He along with his friends gives up his mean and violent ways and starts to lead a decent life selling dolls on the road-side.

Charu impressed by his ways reciprocates his love. When their marriage is settled, Charu sees Thiru being arrested for visiting a brothel. The marriage stops and Charu's father commits suicide.

Thiru goes back to his old ways. When Charu's wedding is arranged with her relative, Annachi's men send Thiru to stop the wedding since Annachi's son develops a love on her and wants to marry her.

However Thiru has plans otherwise. He breaks away from Annachi and even kidnaps his son and resolves to get Charu married to her relative. Towards the end after a series of twists and turn, Charu comes to know about Thiru's noble heart and understands that she has misconceived notions on him.

Mishkin seems to have done his homework right. Giving him good support are the cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy and debutant music-composer Sundar C Babu. At certain places, Mahesh's camera work leaves one spell-bound.

Sunil aka Naren has given his heart-out for the role. A controlled performance though at times reminding one of Suriya in Nandha. Bhavana has been impressive and is a welcome addition to the list of actress who can really perform. A host of newcomers playing Naren's friends too leaves an impression.

Bang on target is Mishkin who has given utmost attention to every small detail in the movie.

Amidst movies with gory violence and bloodshed, Chithiram Pesuthadi is a movie that stands apart though it is about gangsters.