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Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Reviews

Dhilluku Dhuddu Review

Dhilluku Dhuddu Plot:

The film opens with a flashback, which introduces us to the typical 'pei' bungalow, situated on a hill station. After narrating what happened in that bungalow many years ago, Dhilluku Dhuddu snaps back to the present. Santhanam falls in love with Shanaya, but her father, played by Saurabh Shukla, is unhappy about their relationship and decides to kill Santhanam with the help of 'Mottai' Rajendran. Rajendran devises a plan and lures Santhanam and his family into the bungalow. But, little does he know that the place is really haunted and that the stories pertaining to the famous bungalow are actually true.


It wouldn't be an overstatement to say the entire film rides on Santhanam's ability to keep his audiences occupied and happy. His one-liners and other antics is what makes this film work. Newcomer Shanaya is a serious mismatch as the girl makes it obvious that she is a complete stranger to Tamil with her awful lip-sync. Acting wise too, she comes across as a major disappointment, making her presence one of the weakest links of Dhilluku Dhuddu. Rest of the supporting cast including Rajendran, Karunas, Saurabh Shukla and Anandaraj have done their part well.


Thanks to some clichéd romantic portions and unwanted songs, in which Santhanam fails miserably as a dancer after trying too hard, the first half manages to test your patience a touch. Second half though is a complete laugh-riot as the spoof element finally kicks in, making the rest of the film enjoyable. Cinematography by Deepak Kumar Pathy is refreshingly good as he has used different colours and angles to suit the mood of the film. Background score by Karthik Raja is apt.

Overall View:

Barring the first half and scenes involving Shanaya, Dhilluku Dhuddu is a neat entertainer with loads of laugh-out-loud moments.