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Kurumbukara Pasanga Movie Reviews

Starring Sanjeev, Monica
Music A C Arulraj
Director T Samydurai
Year 2012

Kurumbukara Pasanga Review

If you follow Tamil movies regularly, you will very well figure out what path the movie will take and how it will end. And if you take a guess, you will know how the character of Sindhu (Monika) fits into the movie. Like it has been said countless times before, love works in mysterious ways between the lead pair. It starts off as a lender-borrower relationship, until one of them slips a note with 'I love you' written on it. Sindhu (Monika) and Sasi fall in love, and you fall off your seat. The crisis comes late in the movie when the gang of friends try to help a couple in love.

There is little that happens in 'Kurumbukara Pasanga' thanks to the poor screenplay, written by director Samydurai himself. Although the cast has a few popular names such as Manobala and Pandiarajan, they have little to do. Sanjeev proves that he can look menacing during fights and can handle emotions fairly well, and he is supported ably by Monika. But with nothing much going for the movie, it fails to impress.