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Masani Movie Reviews

Starring Akhil, Iniya, Sija Rose, Ramki
Music Fazil
Director Padmaraj
Producer M S Saravanan
Year 2013

Masani Review

Super natural thrillers or ghost thrillers are people’s favourite in 90’s and most probably Kanchanna is the only latest film which performed some good business at the box office. Padmaraj and LGR have chosen a tried and tested script with ‘Masani’.

Masani marks the comeback of yesteryear successful actor Ramki . The film can be watched only for Ramki’s comeback and Iniya’s performance, other than that the film is quite ordinary in its standards. The film opens with a Village where Sarath Babu and Roja are trying to arrange sculptures in order to build Amman statue but a super natural power kills them or drove them from the place. The so called suspense forms the crux of the story.

Director Padmaraj and LGR are good at casting and they have selected the cast very well. Sarath Babu,Roja(in negative character),Aadukalam Naren,Y Gee Mahendran have delivered a matured performance which is a key for Masani. As said earlier Ramki has once again did a convincing performance and Iniya is ravishingly beautiful but all these ends up in a vain as the screenplay and wafer thin story spoils the film.

The film is predictable and the pace of the movie is unusually slow and tests the patience. Anyone who is familiar with 90’s Tamil ghost thriller will predict the flow of the movie which is a major drawback. Even the VFX work is not up to the mark, though Fazil’s background score is adequate it doesn’t create the fear factor.

Overall, Masani is one film which is too melodramatic and can be watched only if you are a ardent fan of a predictable super natural film.