Odipolama Movie Reviews

Starring Parimal, Sandhya
Music D Imman
Director Kanmani
Producer V Bharani
Year 2009

Odipolama Review

‘Odipolaama’ is one more addition to the long list of romantic movies in Tamil screen where the plot, treatment and execution all reminding one or few earlier films.

Since it is a commercial movie, director Kanmani seems not to have bothered for logic. He has tried to infuse pace in the script laced with some comedy.

The movie makes a feel-good viewing at some places while for the rest of the time, it has been a deja vu ride.

Parimal (actress Sangeetha's bro) makes his debut on screen, while Sandhya plays his ladylove. Suman Sheety, Kotta Sreenivasa Rao and Ratna form part of the cast.

Visu (Parimal), is a computer science student, who loves to spend time with his friends (led by Suman Shetty). Though he is initially portrayed as a book-worm, it is made known in later scenes that he is a happy-go-lucky youngster. Hailing from an affluent family, he lives his own life.

He comes across Anjali (Sandhya), a computer science student. Visu falls in love with her. After locating her whereabouts, he moves close to her residence.

But problems begin after he goes behind her. A series of events forces Anjali to elope. She takes the bus in which Visu travels.

It appears that Visu and Anjali had eloped together, but that isn't. There are a host of interesting events and encounters between them that eventually ends on a positive note.

Parimal does a convincing job, considering this to be his first attempt on screen. He is good in humourous sequences. Sandhya gets a meaty role to play after 'Kadhal', which she has partly utilised. Suman Shetty tries to evoke humour in vain, while Kotta Srinivasa Rao is not in his usual loud.

Suresh Urs has handled editing while Anji has cranked the camera. D Imman has come up with some peppy scores, which are loud.

On the whole, 'Odipolaama' is a good attempt which however ends up in vain, courtesy a cliched script. All said, it is old wine in new bottle.