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Paagan Review

Debutant director Mohammad Aslam has attempted a different story and manages to make it interesting, with a generous dose of comedy thrown in. Aslam, who has worked with Cheran and Ameer earlier, has chosen a romantic comedy for his maiden attempt at film-making and blends the two aspects well, while getting the best out of Srikanth and Avan Ivan girl Janani Iyer. The likes of Kovai Sarala and Parotta Suri add a lot of mirth to the proceedings as well. On the sidelines of the main story, Aslam has driven home the message that there are no shortcuts to success. He also underlines the point that romance can play an important part in changing the mindset and attitude of a young person.

Paagan starts off as a breezy rom-com and, even with various twists and turns, continues as light-hearted entertainer. The story is about Subramani (Srikanth), a fun-loving young man who spends a lot of time with his friends Velliyangiri (Soori) and Makali (Pandi). The group of friends have only one ‘aim’ in life: never to work and still make money. They resort to tricks and short-cut methods, but rarely succeed. Later, they hit upon a plan to make a quick buck. Subramani decides to woo the heroine (Janani), who is the daughter of a local bigwig (A Venkatesh), with the aim of inheriting her wealth. However, things do not go to plan. Whether Subramani manages to achieve what he set out to, forms the rest of the movie.

Srikanth looks good, but makes you wonder if he fits the role of a rustic youth. It must be said though that he’s made a good fist of the comedy in the company of Soori and Pandi. Janani Iyer is bubbly and does her reputation no harm. Veteran Kovai Sarala steals the show while music by James Vasanthan passes muster.