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Paaraseega Mannan Movie Reviews

Paaraseega Mannan Review


Mannar Mannan aka King (J Suresh) leads a charmed life with no job and zero responsibility. He is so fond of his sister's son Vimal. One day, Vimal is kidnapped which leaves King's family devastated. Prodded by his dad, King goes on a search to find the missing boy.

Paraseega Mannan seeks to shed light on the serious issue of child trafficking but goes about the job in such a ham-fisted manner, totally diluting the gravity of the issue. Suresh, who directed the Madhavan-starrer Ennavale and Mammootty's Junior Senior, doesn't seem to have learned any lessons from his previous failures and exhibits an indifference to the subject that is quite astonishing. Even if you are willing to forgive the thematic naivete, the director further lets you down by displaying no flair for narrative structure or characterization, making the film a dreadful watch.

Scenes begin and end abruptly with no noticeable effort taken to ensure continuity in terms of characterization or narration. Even important scenes like Vimal's kidnapping and its impact on the family are handled clumsily. And, the romantic track is cringe-worthy. King takes an interest in Sruthy (Sruthy), a teacher in Vimal's school, and after a couple of scenes, we see him literally on top of her at her house!

Coming to the child trafficking angle, Suresh seems to have based it on every second hand account that he came across in the way of 'research' for the film. So, you get characters getting into explanatory mode telling us the modus operandi of the traffickers. Added to that, you have LOL moments like Suresh's brother-in-law ( KK) asking a cop why he should give details on his son to trace him, and Suresh and his friend ( Ramesh Kanna) going all the way from Coimbatore to Pune to learn about Vimal's whereabouts and deciding to stay there for months searching for the kid and never taking help from the police, who, interestingly, are hard bent on solving this case.

In the end, this King ends up making you wonder what the hell was he smoking to come up with such drivel.