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Saivam Movie Reviews

Saivam Review


Saivam is the story of an orthodox grandfather Kathiresan [Nasser] from Karaikudi. Cinema starts with Kathiresan waiting for his family to visit their village for an yearly occasion to offer the pooja to their local deity Ellai Saami and he gets delighted after their arrival. As part of the celebration, the family plans to offer a Cock named Paapa to Ellai Saami. Here the story takes a turn when one of his grand daughters Tamilselvi [Sara Arjun] who is fond of Paapa, hides the rooster at a secret place. Watch Saivam in theaters for the rest...


More or less, Saivam is a performance driven film with a simple unique story and loads of love. It is impossible to even imagine someone else in the roles of Tamilselvi, Kathiresan and Senthil, performed by Baby Sara Arjun, Nassar and Baasha with such an ease that audiences will easily connect with.

Technical Analysis:

Director Vijay scores full marks for his story, screenplay, characterization and all that is related to Saivam. He has not routed back from connecting every small character in his film and has to be appreciated for bringing out such a simple tale with a fast paced narration.

GV Prakash Kumar's music and Nirav Shah's camera have supported the AL Vijay's thoughtful take on vegetarianism. Scenes where Sara speaks English being a village girl and the love track between Baasha and Twara are well shot. Interval and climax portions add enough liveliness to the movie. GV's special track that comes along Sara's Dubai cousin grabs your attention.

No comments for Anthony's editing as the movie runs at a good pace with lively characters and just 2 hours running time.


Saivam is a refreshing film among the reign of Tamil films either Comedy driven or serious thrillers that coming our way. AL Vijay has once again proved that he looks deep into his characters and will present his story through their vision.

Saivam has lot of feel good factors like the very beginning and end of the movie that starts and ends with blue sky but with different perception. Sara’s Thopukarnam that is indeed followed by whole family in the climax justifies the co-existing family habits. Similarly all the scenes of rooster searching are well executed.

Watch Saivam for a heartwarming movie that leaves you with refreshing brains and smiles once you are out of the room...