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Thagaraaru Movie Reviews

Thagaraaru Review

Story :

Four friends Saravanan (Arulnidhi) , Senthil(Pawan), Aarumugam(Murugadoss), Pazhani(Tarun Sathya) are fearless thieves in Madurai city. During one of the robbery operation, police chases Arulnidhi and he supposed to see Meenkashi(Poorna) who was met with an accident. After some days once again Arulnidhi meets Poorna and when he touches her love blossoms for Arulnidhi and then as usual Poorna expresses her love in the later part of the movie.


Arulnithi has come out of his comfort zone and tried to portray himself as action hero, but couldn't gel with the character. He could have used his height and stature perfectly and has to improve his dancing skills even.

Poorna has done her parts well and she looked different in a never done before role. She could have given more to perform, as Thagararu sees many talking about Meenakshi all over.

Pawan, Tarun Shatriya, Murugadoss and Jayaprakash thoroughly performed and well suited to their roles.

Technical Analysis:

Technically the film is good be it TS Suresh’s editing, cinematography and BGM by Prem Sathya everything is good. But best technical output alone cannot make a film as classic. We have seen similar kind of revenge drama in films like Subramaniyapuram,Pandianadu and Sundarapandian; the point to be noted here is that not the revenge theme and Madurai backdrop made those films as classics but their wonderful characterizations and tight screenplay.

Overall Ganesh Vinayack’s idea to make a revenge drama with four fearless friends is good but the poor execution made it as a tiring watch.