R P Patnaik

Alias Patnaik
Age 1 years
Height 5'8"
Occupation Actor, Music Director, Singer, Lyrics, Dialogue, Story, Screenplay, Director
Language Worked in Telugu, Tamil
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Married
Favourite Cuisine South Indian
Favourite Color White

R.P.Patnaik a post grad in Space Physics from Andhra University, is a well known music composer in South India with about 60 films to his credits in all three south Indian languages (Telugu, Tamil and Kannada). Some of his achievements are…. He bagged the prestigious FILMFARE Award for 3 times for the films ‘NuvvuNenu’, ‘Santhosham’ and ‘Excuse Me’ consecutively for three years. Apart from Andhrapradesh state govt. Nandi Award for the film Nuvvu Nenu in 2001 he has won almost all the Awards from different prestigious cultural organizations in and outside the state and country for his music.

His first ever live show for the public has gathered about 600,000 people in the Vizag sea shore on July 20, 2002. Since then he has performed in The US, UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Delhi, Chennai and every part of the Andhrapradesh. Some of his albums like ‘Jayam’ have sold about 2.5 million units (CDs and Cassettes) only in one regional state. As a singer apart from singing in his own composition he has sung for almost all the lead composers including Maestro Ilayaraja and has sung about 300 songs.

He has composed a unique international album first of its kind in the world on time signatures called ‘CHAKRA The Signature of Time’ which he applied for prestigious Grammy Awards. He is a member of Grammy Academy now. He has introduced about more than 25 singers includes singers like Karthik, Ranjith, Mallikarjun, Ravivarma, Nihal, Kausalya to name few.