Krazzy 4 Movie Reviews

Krazzy 4 Review

After the court verdict on the settlement of the hassles regarding the music of the film, Krazzy 4 releases peacefully this week. The film under Rakesh Roshan€™s Filmkraft India banner marks the debut of director Jaideep Sen . As the film relases across Ajay Devgan€™s U Me Aur Hum, not many know that Jaideep has been an assistant director on two movies starring Ajay-€˜Jaan€™ and €˜Itihaas€™.

So does the controversy on the music and the competition from Devgan€™s film tamper the openings of the film? Does Jaideep live up to people€™s expectations?

The movies talks about 4 so called crazy men at a rehab center.

Raja(Arshad Warsi)- Suffers from intermittent explosive disorder , hits out at the slightest provocation or even without.

Dr.Mukherjee (Irrfan Khan)-Suffers from obsessive compulsive personality disorder, a perfect doc, clean and orderly, loves to be the captain of the team. Gangadhar (Rajpal Yadav)- Suffers from Schizophrenia, lives in the past with his mates Ghandhiji , Nehru , Tilak and Patel. He is so busy fighting for swaraj that he€™s lost his sanity.

Dabboo (Suresh Menon) €“ Refuses to speak and nobody knows why! Cute and adorable and is everyone€™s pet. Their lives revolve around Dr.Sonali (Juhi Chawla) who loves the €˜mad€™ bunch .She firmly believes that the only way to treat her patients is to treat them with your heart and not just your mind.

One fine morning, Dr.Sonali decides to take the boys out of the rehab centre to watch a cricket match and eventually she is kidnapped by some men. The series of events that follow reveal how this so called Krazzy bunch unveils the identity of the criminals and rescue their doctor.

Firstly, one should understand that Krazzy4 is a typical masala film and isn€™t meant for the so called intellectuals. The film doesn€™t offer something unique in its storytelling or so but the execution and series of events keep you glued. Jaideep Sen does well as a first time director. He may not be an ace at comedy but besides comedy he captures some very good moments that evoke patriotism like the Indian flag being pinned upside down in a building notice board being placed right by Rajpal etc.

The drawback exists in terms of Rakesh Roshan۪s story and Ashwini Dhir۪s screenplay. It gets bumpy through the journey. The film tracks off from the comic elements to the typical clich̩ terrorist angle with the cops being involved etc. Even the Dia Mirza sequences as the reporter was a bit overdone.

The dip in the screenplay is saved with the presence of SRK€™s dance number. The song comes in as a face lift for the film and the audiences are set to go gaga.

The music of the film by Rakesh Roshan is impressive and visually appealing too. When you just think everything is over when the film ends in a €˜to be continued€™ fashion , Hrithik€™s version of the title track comes in a splendid manner. Cinematography and editing are ok.

On the performance graph, the 4 are equally impressive. Arshad explodes well in his hot tempered character. Watch out for the sequence where he goes to meet Dia Mirza€™s dad. Irrfan makes you giggle with his constant €˜I€™m the captain€™ and other lines on cleanliness. Rajpal Yadav makes you burst out with constant references to Ghandhji and the freedom movement. In fact he moves you in a sequence where a child at a mall is singing the national anthem and he pauses in attention and reverence; observing him various people from the mall too stand in attention and honour the national anthem. The lines to follow are simply brilliant.

Suresh Menon the prankster and the so called jabber mouth of Indian television this time does well in complete muteness. It€™s his body language and cuteness as the foodie that impresses.

Juhi Chawla does really well as the doctor expressing her love and care for the bunch. Dia Mirza lacks the essence of being a Tv reporter in spite of doing the same role before. Rajat Kapoor , Mukesh Rishi , Zaakir Hussain are ok. Makhrand Deshpande is hardly there.

Finally, Krazzy4 is not the finest or funniest film around but with the right mix of comedy and the visual treat in the form of King Khan , Hrithik Roshan and Rakhi Sawant the film is bound to do well at the box office. Also with some really comic scenes and fabulous heartwarming sequences particularly towards the end of the film, looks like the audiences are surely on the lookout for the sequel.