Rangrezz Review

Rangrezz (remake of Tamil movie Naadodigal) is the story of three friends – Rishi (Jackky Bhagnani), Pakkya (Vijay Verma) and Winu (Amitosh Nagpal) – who don’t let logic interfere with decision, especially when the problem involves a diaper-friend (say hello to the new term, peeps!). Thrown in is a mish-mash of love stories that reflect how complicated a 20-something’s life can get. And at a certain point, it does get so complicated that you feel like shaking up the three young lads and asking – don’t you ever believe in reasoning out?

But that’s how ‘friends’ really goof-up, no? The emotional instability and unreined enthusiasm could – once in a blue-moon – land you in trouble. So maybe, if we try a little hard, the story seems believable. Moreover, going a tad over-the-top does help this movie drive the point home.

Coming to the performances of the actors, Jackky Bhagnani doesn’t impress, but (and thankfully) doesn’t make you cringe too, unlike his onscreen girlfriend, Priya Anand who has a loudspeaker attached to all her expressions. Vijay Verma’s acting as an emotionally confused moron is commendable and Rajpal Yadav earns ample giggles. It’s a delight to watch Lushin Dubey (Rati Chaturvedi in the movie) – who looks like her sister Lilette Dubey in some scenes – play the part of a Bihari politician.

The songs are strictly average; nothing really catchy. One number, Shambho Shiv Shambho that keeps playing on and on during a fight sequence tends to get on your nerves. Sigh.

So while Rangrezz does make a valid point – with a handful of well-placed twists – the story loses steam in places. The first half of the movie, which doesn’t really say much and moves slowly, could have been a tad crisper.

In the end, Rangrezz is a hatke take on ‘friendship’, and to some extent on love – two relationships that Bollywood loves to romanticise. Thanks Mr Priyadarshan, for not doing just that.